So, You’ve Been Struck By A Delivery Truck – Now What?

When you are driving down the road, and a delivery truck comes from out of nowhere crashing into you, you may feel like you have no way to make that driver pay. The driver probably doesn't even have the funds available to pay for damages if you were to sue him or her. However, there are other ways that you can sue when you've been hit by a delivery truck:

Sue the Delivery Company.

Companies and organizations are generally held accountable for their drivers, their company vehicles, and the accidents that may be caused by their drivers in those company vehicles. You will likely have to prove that the driver was indeed an employee of the delivery company and that the driver was acting within the scope of his or her job duties as outlined by his or her employer at the time of the crash. In other words, the company may be able to dodge part of the blame if the driver was in the company vehicle on his or her lunch break.

File a Lawsuit Against the Driver and His or Her Employer.

Even if you decide to sue the employer (the delivery company), it doesn't mean that you cannot also include the driver as a potential defendant in your personal injury case. In some cases, the company may not be found responsible in regard to paying you damages, but you may still be able to recuperate accident-related damages from the actual driver of the truck. Therefore, you may wish to bring a suit against them both to increase your chances of a monetary award to help pay for lost wages, medical expenses and other related costs.

Suing an Unknown Delivery Truck or in a Hit-and-Run Accident.

Sometimes, you may be struck by a delivery truck that does not have a name on the side of the truck or a truck that fled the scene of the crash. You can speak to an attorney who can help you investigate the case and possibly determine who exactly caused the accident. Police can speak to witnesses and watch surveillance and traffic camera footage to help identify the at-fault driver.

If you have been injured in an accident that was caused by a delivery truck driver, speak to a truck accident attorney. He or she will be able to examine the facts of your case and help you determine what route is the best to take moving forward.