About Hiring A Lawyer After Getting Attacked By A Dog

Did you get chased down and attacked by someone's unleashed dog? Depending on the local laws about unleashed dogs, you may be able to sue the owner of the pet for what happened. If you live in Tampa, for example, you'll need to find a trial attorney in Tampa, FL. Find out in this article what a lawyer can do to get you paid in a dog bite lawsuit as well as what the legal fees are estimated to cost.

What Can a Lawyer Do for the Victim of a Dog Attack?

The strength of your argument against the other party will depend on if he or she actually broke a law concerning dogs. Before building your case, your lawyer will need to know what kind of dog it is that you were attacked by, as sometimes only certain breeds have to be on a leash. Knowing the breed of the dog will also allow the lawyer to do some research about how that particular breed is known to behave. For instance, pit bulls have the reputation of attacking people, so it is wise to keep them on a leash.

Your lawyer will also do an investigation to find out if the dog has ever attacked anyone else. He or she will contact the animal patrol and law enforcement office to gather evidence of any complaints that were filed by past victims. However, he or she will also ask you if you did anything to provoke the dog's behavior, such as by meowing like a cat or barking like a dog.

If you have a strong case against the other party, your lawyer can assist you with getting paid for things that include:

  • Counseling
  • Mental anguish
  • Pain & suffering
  • Lost wages from recovering
  • Current & future medical expenses

How Much Money is a Personal Injury Lawyer Estimated to Charge?

Being that a dog bit is a personal injury case, a lawyer will likely charge you a contingency fee. He or she won't get any money unless you win the case against the dog's owner. If the lawyer helps you win the lawsuit, he or she is estimated to charge up to 40% of your winnings. Keep in mind that some lawyer may opt for an hourly rate, which can cost a minimum of $100 or more. How you are charged will be based on who you decide to hire for the task. Don't delay having a consultation with a lawyer about your injury from the dog attack!