Car Accident Leg Injuries: 3 Financial Impacts For Part-Time Lifeguards

Being trained as a lifeguard is a great way to make extra money, especially during the summer months when swimming expands to multiple pools and beaches. If you're a part-time lifeguard, your ability to perform on a job may be greatly hindered if you've injured your leg in a car accident. When someone else is at fault for your car accident, you can consult with a lawyer to help build a case and seek compensation for your damages. As a part-time lifeguard, there are three different financial impacts to consider due to your injury. Breaking down each one will help you get the compensation that you deserve.

Lifeguard Income

One of the biggest impacts on your car accident injury case is the income you earned as a part-time lifeguard. As you calculate the various forms of income, it's important to consider your regular work hours along with any special events that you may attend. For example, you may be hired as a lifeguard for children's parties, country club cookouts, or large beach gatherings where extra lifeguards are needed. A leg injury may force you to miss these events and lose out on the income that could have been earned. An attorney can help get you the compensation for that lost income through your settlement case.

Swimming Lessons

Healing from a leg injury can dramatically change the way your body moves and performs. As you prepare to return to the job, you may have to pay for some advanced swimming lessons. These lessons can help you learn techniques and swimming styles that adjust to your healing leg. If you've been injured for months at a time the refresher course can help you feel more comfortable in the water again. Instead of paying out-of-pocket costs, the amount you paid for these lessons can be included in your settlement case.

Adaptive Equipment

Some leg injuries may cause permanent pain or limited mobility on a daily basis. If this is the case, you may need special adaptive equipment to perform your duties as a lifeguard. Waterproof knee braces, ankle braces, or leg braces may be needed to swim swiftly and get through the water when needed. If you're standing or sitting for extended amounts of time, these braces may help alleviate the pain. The costs of this equipment can often be included in your settlement case. A lawyer can argue that the equipment would not have been needed if the car accident did not occur in the first place.

Contact a lawyer or law firm like Master Weinstein Moyer, P.C. soon after your injury to help build your case and minimize the out-of-pocket costs that you have to endure.