Auto Accident Uncertainty: Special Circumstances And How To Deal With Them

Although police science has come a long way, there are still situations and events where it is not entirely possible to determine the chain or cause of events. This does occur in auto accidents, where the police do not have traffic footage to view, and no one but the drivers know what happened. In these particularly sticky situations, you may be wondering if you can sue for monetary compensation, since the police reports are not much help. Under these special circumstances and differing events with different types of vehicles, your auto accident attorney would probably have the following advice.

Traffic Footage-Free Zones and Photos of the Accident

Your lawyer will need to see photos of the accident. In cases where the police do not have video footage (e.g., rural roads where there are no cameras or alleys where cameras are not installed), the police should have taken several photos. These photos should show your car, the other driver's vehicle and any evidence scattered all over the road. Even when it cannot be determined who is at fault (or you live in a "no-fault" state), the pictures may be enough to show that you suffered enough damage to sue the other driver.

Hit by Emergency Vehicles

Every driver knows that you are supposed to clear the street and move over to the side of the road when emergency vehicles are coming through. However, it is not always possible to move over when you are lined four in a row. If you are one of the outside vehicles around which the emergency vehicle tries to move, but you get hit all the same, you will need all of the other drivers' help.

It helps to learn this little trick before you get into an accident and have to speak to a lawyer:

  1. Look around you while stuck at a traffic light. 
  2. Notice the makes and models as well as the colors of vehicles all around you. 
  3. Read the license plate of the car in front of you.

All of this information can be given to the police when they arrive to find out why a fire truck or ambulance has gotten into an accident with you. It makes you appear less guilty for not getting out of the emergency vehicle's way, and will be well-documented in the police record for your lawyer, one like Gelman Gelman Wiskow & McCarthy LLC. Then you can sue the city, hospital or ambulance company for your losses knowing that you have witnesses.