Protecting Yourself Legally By Hiring A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

When motorists are involved in wrecks with motorcycle riders, they are often eager to blame the person on the cycle rather than themselves. In fact, they may even wrongfully assume that the police will listen to them and believe it when they say that the cycle rider was riding too fast, weaving in and out of lanes, or engaging in other risky riding behaviors.

However, as someone who rides a motorcycle frequently, you do not have to take the brunt of wrongful accusations and accept blame for a wreck that you did not cause. You can protect yourself legally by hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer to represent you.

Disproving Wrongful Claims

The crux of avoiding wrongful claims lies in proving that you did not do anything wrong and that the blame for the wreck belongs to another motorist. To disprove those claims, your motorcycle accident lawyer may rely on evidence, such as your cycle's dashcam footage, video surveillance footage from nearby security cameras, and even the testimony of people who saw what took place. 

Using this evidence, your motorcycle accident lawyer can prove that the responsible motorist is trying to pin the wreck on you. The lawyer can assign blame to the rightful party and take legal action against that individual.

Pursuing Full Value Claims

Your motorcycle accident lawyer can also pursue and make sure that claims you make against another insurance are paid out in full. The other insurer may purposely undervalue your cycle's worth. It may say that your cycle is not worth its appraisal value because of its age, size, or brand.

However, your motorcycle accident lawyer can hold the insurer to account and make sure it pays out the full appraised value quickly. You avoid being shortchanged money that you are entitled to as the victim of the wreck. 

Recovering Medical Costs

Finally, your motorcycle accident lawyer will ensure that your wreck-related medical costs are paid in full. An attorney can file a lawsuit on your behalf to get payment from the liable insurer. Your attorney can also negotiate a quick settlement to cover your medical expenses.

A motorcycle accident lawyer can provide important benefits to cycle riders after a serious wreck, by proving that you are not to blame and preventing you from accepting liability. Your attorney can also file insurance claims and recover medical costs. 

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