Auto Accident Claims: Instances To File A Claim Related To A Defective Vehicle

In addition to driver error and negligence, automobile defects are becoming a leading cause of road accidents. If you encounter an accident of this kind, a product liability claim against the automotive manufacturer or the component maker is necessary. Even so, you'll need legal help from an auto accident lawyer. They will conduct an in-depth investigation of the accident and file a liability claim against the liable party. This guide shares some vehicle malfunction issues that warrant compensation. 

Braking System Problems

Every motorist knows that their safety lies in the performance of the brakes. Therefore, as a responsible car owner, you will meticulously care for your braking system. However, manufacturing defects of the system can cause it to fail in the middle of the road, leading to an accident. When this happens, you have a right to sue the automotive company. 

Combustion System Issues

The automobile companies dealing with gasoline components owe it to their consumers to ensure the products they provide are safe. Therefore, you can file a claim against the manufacturer if you have a faulty gas system. In addition, you are eligible for compensation if a fire breaks out in your car due to a faulty combustion chamber. 

Inadequate or Broken Airbags

Airbags play a fundamental role in reducing the impact of a collision. An airbag deploys to protect the vehicle's occupants and cabin from harm during a collision. You and your passengers can sustain severe injuries if the airbags fail to deploy. 

Besides that, the safety of the vehicle occupants is compromised if an airbag deploys ineffectively. You can sue the manufacturer if these issues arise due to their negligence. In this case, you may be entitled to full pay, replacement, or repairs.

Tires That Are Faulty

Managing and stopping a vehicle relies heavily on the tires' ability to grip the road. A car may lose control if a tire blows out, resulting in an accident. Besides that, tread separation is a common manufacturing defect that often leads to accidents. Usually, tread defects manifest in an extreme vehicle imbalance.

Also, the rubber weakens if tires sit too long in the manufacturer's dealer shop. Weak rubber can cause a tire blowout and an eventual accident or crash. So, if your accident resulted from defective tires, you can sue the manufacturer for negligence. 

It is essential to hire an auto accident lawyer from a firm like the Law Offices of Gavin W Murphy, PLLC to represent you in a case involving a defective automobile. They will investigate the manufacturer's error and provide the court with sufficient evidence to support your claim.