What Are Punitive Damages In Personal Injury Cases?

You may have heard of punitive damages being awarded in a high-profile court case, but they are not actually awarded as frequently as you may have been lead to believe. If you wanted to know if you could receive punitive damages in your personal injury case, you need to understand what they are. When It is Possible To Receive Punitive Damages Punitive damages are reserved for situations where the defendant's actions were reprehensible, and deserve a punishment beyond the repaying costs incurred by the plaintiff. Read More 

How A Lawyer Can Overturn A Denial For Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Are you being threatened with termination after asking your employer for workers' compensation benefits? You don't have to deal with unfair treatment because you were hurt on the job, and a professional lawyer, like those at Neifert Byrne & Ozga, can help you get through the stressful situation. Find out below about getting workers' compensation from an employer who has denied you the benefits, as well as what you can expect to pay a lawyer. Read More 

How Head Injury Damages Are Calculated In Personal Injury Cases

If you have been in involved in an accident that was not your fault and are suffering from a head injury as a result, you are likely considering filing a personal injury suit. You are entitled to compensation, whether your head injury was minor or more severe, but the amount of compensation can vary greatly depending upon several of the below factors. To find out more about how head injury damages are computed, read on. Read More 

Medical Malpractice: How To Handle Negligence In The ER

Medical malpractice can occur in any medical or dental setting. It occurs when a medical professional, such as a nurse, doctor, or office administrator, is negligent and that leads to a more serious illness or injury. Medical malpractice can occur when you are in the ER, whether due to lack of service or poor care. Here are some things to know about medical malpractice cases in the ER. Who is liable for ER mishaps? Read More 

So, You’ve Been Struck By A Delivery Truck – Now What?

When you are driving down the road, and a delivery truck comes from out of nowhere crashing into you, you may feel like you have no way to make that driver pay. The driver probably doesn't even have the funds available to pay for damages if you were to sue him or her. However, there are other ways that you can sue when you've been hit by a delivery truck: Read More