3 Crucial Details A Semi-Truck Accident Attorney Examines When Establishing Fault For A Jackknife Crash

A jackknife crash occurs when a truck's trailer swings from behind the cab, forming a 90-degree angle. These accidents can be fatal because of the size and weight of the truck. The cars coming from opposite directions may crash into the truck and cause a pile-up. If you're a victim of a jackknife accident, contact a skilled truck accident attorney. They'll work tirelessly to get you the compensation you need to cover your damages. Read More 

3 Things An Auto Accident Attorney Will Do To Help You Get A Fair Settlement

Most motorists carefully observe traffic rules because they don't want to be involved in or cause a car accident. Usually, getting involved in one is quite traumatizing because of the damage, losses, and pain involved. But just in case you get involved in an auto accident, contact an auto accident attorney as fast as possible to help you deal with the negligent driver. The attorney helps you recover a deserving settlement for your damages or losses. Read More 

Questions To Ask Your Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you have been hurt on the job, you are probably entitled to several important workers' compensation insurance benefits. Sometimes, though, the insurer denies your claim. Workers' compensation claims can go wrong in several ways. This can lead to workers asking for help from a lawyer. Read on to find out what you should be asking your workers' compensation lawyer about your case.  What Should I Bring? Your workers' compensation lawyer needs to see your documents from your employer and the workers' compensation insurance company. Read More 

An “I Did Not Know I Was Drunk” Defense Never Works For A DWI

It's likely that no one sets out on their day with the intent of driving drunk, but sadly, it happens. Given that this violation is rarely intentional when a person is pulled over for suspicion of driving while intoxicated (DWI) and charged with a crime, a common defense is to say they did not know. A person may not genuinely know that their alcohol limit exceeds the state guidelines, but this is not a defense that will be successful. Read More 

Auto Accident Claims: Instances To File A Claim Related To A Defective Vehicle

In addition to driver error and negligence, automobile defects are becoming a leading cause of road accidents. If you encounter an accident of this kind, a product liability claim against the automotive manufacturer or the component maker is necessary. Even so, you'll need legal help from an auto accident lawyer. They will conduct an in-depth investigation of the accident and file a liability claim against the liable party. This guide shares some vehicle malfunction issues that warrant compensation. Read More